Louisiana State University

School of Design
Bachelor of Architect '00
Affiniti Architects
June 00 - September 04
Large Residential Design
Trapolin Architects
October '04 - September '09
Adaptive Re-use
Highrise Design / Construction
Perez Architects
September '09 - June '10
Large Commercial Design / Construction
AGL Architecture & Interior Design
February '11 - January '13
Small Commercial Design / Construction
Guns Modern Architecture / Design / Shop
March '10 - Present
Commercial Design / Construction
Residential Design / Construction
Mid Century Furniture Restoration


Timeless in Design

We as designers put forth ideas in order to design a building or chair or table. Design concepts and material palettes change throughout our lifetime and experience. It's difficult to design with the word "timeless" in mind. We designers can design anything but the true test is how to maintain modern design without being outdated. Very few can keep this concept in mind and perpetuate the definition of modern in the art they create.

For the past few years Guns Modern has grown exponentially with various types of projects. A few types are as followings:
1. A rad new coffee shop / bakery in Mid City
2. A butcher shop in Mid City
3. A taco shack in Federal City
4. Museums on Julia
5. Modern-designed new residence in Lakeview
6. Historic home renovation in Gretna
7. Tax Credits in newly appointed Historic Districts
8. Countless renovations in the Garden District
9. Nineteenth Century townhome restorations on Julia Street
10. Historic Tax Credit
11. Designing an additional floor to various homes in Uptown New Orleans
12. A storage facility for a local New Orleans builder
13. Collaboration with Flynn Designs for a resort destination in Old Algiers Point
14. Gazebos in Jefferson Parish
15. Accessory structures all around Uptown New Orleans
16. A tiny house on Calhoun

We at Guns Modern are proud to work with clients and developers to plan cost-effectively without the loss of successful design.